Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What is Mediacre Minds

It's an idea that is still at a nascent stage, but which aims to grow into something that would spark off a revolution in blogosphere. We are not here for competition, we don't have a "business model"; we aim to be a repository of information pertaining to India and issues affecting it.

This blog can be treated as an ezine bringing to the world the myriad colours of India: its culture, civilisation, art, history, economy, politics...the list is long. We don't claim scholarly distinction in whatever we present, neither do we say that ours is the last word; we only strive to be a one-stop destination of credible India-centric information.

Who should read Mediacre Minds?

Anyone who has interest in the written word and likes to explore the varied Indian culturescape. There is a plethora of information about India out there, which makes reading them akin to entering a mind-maze. Our job here is to glean information from different sources (that are sometimes inaccessible to general readers), simplify them, and present them in a lucid language for our readers.

How to be a part of Mediacre Minds?

We encourage our readers to write for us. Every week, our team of editors will draw up a list of stories to be done. You can pitch in ideas/write-ups, which our team would examine. If deemed suitable, we will print them with your byline. We not only print fresh pieces but also previously published blog items with the writer's permission. So, if you think you wrote something great long ago, which was not adequately publicised, send it to us and we will take care of it. Of course, you will have all the right over your previously published pieces; however, you cannot give your fresh pieces to others once they are published by us. You can, of course, upload them in your own blog, 10 days after we publish it; however, we will appreciate if you would also post the link to the original post with us.

We encourage our writers to write about anything under the sun. Personal mood pieces might not find space here, but if it is a personal take on something of mass concern (say harassment in a public bus), we will welcome it.

We also encourage posts with photographs. If you send us a travel piece, try to send photos along with it. We also publish standalone photos with quirky headers and captions.

We also take press releases and can promote events within cyberspace.

What we don't take is pieces with bias and libelous content aimed at maligning individuals and institutions. We welcome critical pieces, but not mindless criticism. We like to be responsible to our readers.

For queries, feedback or suggestions, email us on the following address: mediacreminds@gmail.com


  1. Hi kavita, I saw you were involved in another blog and thought I'd stop by to find out what it's all about. An interesting idea, I wish you all well in this new venture.

  2. Superb idea buddies...Wish u guys and gals the very best..will keep coming here often...and spl greeting to Dr Kavita..

  3. Congrats and here's wishing you lots of love and luck

    Mani from Ginger Chai